Wednesday, December 2, 2009

outside photo

not to happy with this but it looks okay

random..or untitled

Took this at a party that i was having at my house because the lighting was perfect in my kitchen, and then i edited in photoshop. yup...

If Jimi Played Acoustic

Will and I set his Fender Acoustic on fire trying to get a more vintage look. i took pictures. i love this picture.


my best friend will playing his guitar, edited in photoshop.

black with green?

taken at cumberland of a brick siding. edited in photoshop. thats all..kthx


ummm, speaks for itself i suppose? it was a bridge picture i just cropped it to what i wanted. the circles are light coming through the bridges side. yes it was unfocused on purpose.

blue shoes

more shoes, just i burned them while taking pictures. only a few things were changed the contrast saturation and shaded blue. all done in iphoto. it was once black and white, contradictory to my site but...i like it


this picture completely reminds me of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, that very gloomy, dark, ship coming through the heavy fog.


Took this picture outside of the art room just in black and white, no editing was done on it. its cool

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


the building to the far right is the hotel we stayed in my senior year. located right on the waterway in St. Marys, cumberland. whats below it is a very small puddle all the way on the otherside of the street but i layed down and caught the reflection perfectly after a few shots but finally got what i wanted and it came out amazingly

Cold, wet night..

this was taken right outside the back door. nothing to special about the picture except to me gives the feeling of my house because there are plants and roses everywhere even around our lights. its a really cool part of my house that i pass everyday and figured i would take a picture

Monday, November 9, 2009

This was taken right outside of our Art room on a round picnic table that was covered in a mosaic tile. I put my shoes that are all worn down ontop of the table and took the picture around 9am and there was dew still on the tiles and the sun was coming just over the building. messed with the ISO and thats it no editing on photoshop or anything.

Friends SG