Wednesday, December 2, 2009

outside photo

not to happy with this but it looks okay

random..or untitled

Took this at a party that i was having at my house because the lighting was perfect in my kitchen, and then i edited in photoshop. yup...

If Jimi Played Acoustic

Will and I set his Fender Acoustic on fire trying to get a more vintage look. i took pictures. i love this picture.


my best friend will playing his guitar, edited in photoshop.

black with green?

taken at cumberland of a brick siding. edited in photoshop. thats all..kthx


ummm, speaks for itself i suppose? it was a bridge picture i just cropped it to what i wanted. the circles are light coming through the bridges side. yes it was unfocused on purpose.

blue shoes

more shoes, just i burned them while taking pictures. only a few things were changed the contrast saturation and shaded blue. all done in iphoto. it was once black and white, contradictory to my site but...i like it